USB Data Recovery Services Australia

Are you struggling to recover data from a USB device? Whether your USB got damaged, files got deleted, formatted, or the USB suddenly stopped working, we can help instantly. Alpha Data Recovery is Australia's most advanced and eminent USB data recovery company. When you lose data from the USB device, do not let others repair it to exacerbate the problem further. At Alpha Data Recovery, you get experienced professionals and experts who guarantee you to recover 95% of your data.

Since we’re a reputed USB data recovery company in Australia, we always work on faulty and damaged USB devices regardless of their types and brands. We’re highly known to salvage most of your lost data stored on USB drives. Our certified technicians advanced tools to retrieve data within 24 hours. To learn more about our services, call us at +61-480-020-996.

Common USB Data Loss Scenarios

Data loss from any device is unavoidable, but you may avoid this situation if you take proper precautions. But what is the leading cause of USB data loss? You should know that data loss can happen for various reasons. Here are a few of the reasons listed below.

  • File corruption
  • Loss or damage file
  • Loss of functionality
  • Virus damage
  • Missing or damaged files
  • Smoke, fire, or water damage
  • Accidental deletion
  • Formatting
  • Memory wear from excessive use
  • Broken tip-off flash drive
  • Inserting device into the wrong slot
  • USB drive freezes
  • Unresponsive or slow USB device
  • Device failure or not detected
  • Connection issue

No matter which problem you are currently facing with your USB device, we’re highly expert in diagnosing the above-listed issues. At Alpha Data Recovery, we have a team of experts who retrieve your data and minimize the risk of permanently damaging the files.

Get Our Data Recovery Services At Reasonable Prices

How Much Time It Will Take To Recover Data?

The time to recover data from a USB drive depends upon a lot of factors. Sometimes the data is retrieved within 24 hours and sometimes it can take a lot more time, it all depends upon the type of problem the device is having. However, we make sure to salvage every lost data from your USB device as soon as possible. But if the situation is complex, it may take about 3-4 days maximum. The experts at Alpha Data Recovery try hard to retrieve every complex data from your USB device in less time. We don’t take much time as our professionals use advanced tools and equipment to get this job done.


Why Hire Alpha Data Recovery For USB Data Recovery Services?

Alpha Data Recovery is a leading USB flash drive data recovery company in Australia. We provide high-quality data recovery services to all our clients at the most economical prices. Whether you want services on an immediate basis or not, we always try our best to provide you with all your lost data with 95% of the guaranteed data recovery rate. Here are reasons highlighting why you should hire our USB data recovery services:

  • Confidential and secure data recovery
  • 95% of data recovery guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Verified and certified data recovery company
  • Use of world-class data recovery technology
  • Affordable data recovery services in Australia
  • Experienced and certified technicians
  • Free assistance
  • Provide you with free quote estimates

The points mentioned above are enough justifiable why you should hire our USB data recovery services. Our only priority is to provide you with top-class data recovery services and salvage lost, deleted, formatted, and damaged data from a USB hard drive. Recover your USB hard drive data right away with our experts and technicians.

How Much Does The Price Cost?

Are you worried about the prices of USB flash drive data recovery services? All our USB data recovery services are available at affordable prices. However, the price of the USB data recovery services starts at $200 and goes up to $2500. We provide clients with options to choose from like economy services, priority, and emergency services.

To make our clients understand their USB data loss, we also offer a free assessment within 1-2 days, and we charge for the urgent evaluation if you need it. Anyway, we always offer affordable services to clients to help them get their important data back from USB devices. The below-mentioned table will give you a brief insight into the price structure of our USB data recovery services:


  • Economy service price
  • $250 to $400
  • Basic data backup service
  • Deleted files
  • Virus damage
  • Lost or missing files
  • Formatted files
  • Corrupted partition

Hardware Issues

  • Priority service price
  • $300 to $650
  • Broken USB connector
  • Damaged crystal
  • Minor physical damage
  • Bent USB connector
  • Damaged components on USB
  • Real errors

Special Case Lab

  • Emergency service price
  • $800 to $2500
  • Chip-off method required
  • Damaged controller
  • Firmware problems
  • Damaged memory chips
  • Flash drive not being detected
  • Chip-reader error

All our USB flash drive data recovery services prices are GST inclusive. Unlike other data recovery companies in Australia, we provide the most affordable services to clients’ to salvage all their important data from USB devices of all types and brands. Want to know more about our prices? Give us a call on +61-480-020-996.