Terms And Condition

Here are important terms and conditions you need to follow when receiving or using our Alpha Data Recovery Services. These terms and conditions will give you brief information about our website and the data recovery services we provide to you. We request you to read our terms and conditions thoroughly before using our services.

Consent And Authorization

Once you request to avail of our data recovery services, you give consent to Alpha Data Recovery agents and employees to conduct testing, evolution, access and recover each data device, hard drive, SDD card, and any other device. We will determine the nature of the damage and then proceed further to recover the lost data. Your consent is always needed to recover personal data.

Data Confidentiality

Protecting your personal data is our priority. Alpha Data Recovery will never attempt to share your personal information with anyone or a third party. We use your personal information for data recovery and not for other uses.

Full Efforts Of Successful Data Recovery

At Alpha Data Recovery, our professionals and experts put in full effort to recover your data. We always try to collect at least 95% of data without fail. If we’re able to recover your data, we inform you and charge for the same. No money is chargeable if your data is not recovered.

Terms Of Payments

Unless and until we recover lost data from your device or hard drive, we do not charge payment from you. We only charge payment once the data is fully recovered. For that reason, we use a written agreement so that no dispute can occur in the future with our clients.