SSD Data Recovery Services Australia

Deleted files? Formatted drive? Or any other failure in your SSD drive? Whatever the problem is in your SSD drives, you shouldn’t worry. Alpha Data Recovery is a leading SSD Data Recovery Company in Australia. Being an expert in this field, we thoroughly understand the nitty-gritty of Solid State Drives (SSD). Recovering data from an SSD isn’t at all an impossible task. Our experts can recover 96% of data from any make, model, or brand of SSD. At Alpha Data Recovery, we guarantee to recover all your lost data with full data security, confidentiality, & privacy.

Being a renowned SSD data recovery company, we have a team of experts and technicians who use advanced tools and techniques to retrieve lost data from SSD drives. From us, you get world-class quality services and a delightful experience of data recovery. Since inception, we have been recovering SSD data, and our SSD recovery services are incomparable. Our SSD recovery services are incomparable. To get instant, secure, and reliable SSD data recovery services, call us at +61-180-059-2260.

Usual Causes Of SSD Data Lost

There are numerous reasons causing data loss from SSD drives, and one of the major reasons is physical damage to the flash chips, where data is logically stored in them. Well, here are a plenty of reasons listed below that can cause data loss from your SSD drives.

  • Controller chip failure
  • Damage to connectors
  • Power failure or surge
  • Electronic component failure
  • Flash cell degradation from natural use
  • Damage to a printed circuit board
  • Data corruption after firmware updates
  • Operating system errors
  • File system issues

There are many more reasons that can cause the data loss in SSD. But you shouldn’t worry as our SSD data recovery experts are here to retrieve all your important data by overcoming technical challenges. Our experts use advanced tools and software to salvage your data from any SSD drive. Our only focus is to help our clients get the best SSD recovery service from us at affordable prices.



What Is The Success Rate Of Our SSD Data Recovery Services In Australia?

Alpha Data Recovery is a renowned name in Australia for recovering data from any brand of SSD drive. After delivering top-notch services to clients and helping them get their data back, we have gained the highest success in recovering data from solid-state drives. Our success rate falls between 95% and 99% for common errors like firmware corruption, read errors, bad sectors, partition corruption, file system, simple data access problems, and a lot more.

However, we always work hard to retrieve your data. And in any case, if we are unable to retrieve data, we provide you with real information as what exactly is the problem in retrieving data. We take the privilege of being the best SSD data recovery company in Australia.

Why Choose Alpha Data Recovery?

When it comes to retrieving data from SSD drives, people look no further than Alpha Data Recovery. We’re a renowned name in data recovery services and get your lost data back successfully in good condition. We have experts who know what to do and how to do it. Here are a few points that reveal why you should hire our valuable and affordable SSD data recovery services.

  • A team of experts and technicians
  • Use of advanced tools and software to recover data
  • Verified and certified SSD data recovery company
  • 5-star rating on Google
  • Confidential, safe, and secure data recovery services
  • Affordable SSD data recovery services
  • 95% of guaranteed data recovery

Being a renowned company in Australia, we always make sure to offer seamless data recovery services to clients at the price they’re willing to pay. We always ensure to meet clients’ requirements when it comes to data loss in your SSD drives. Get in touch with us at +61-180-059-2260 to book your appointment with us or to get free quote estimates.

How Much Price Will It Cost To Get SSD Data Recovery Services?

The price range of our SSD data recovery services depends upon the problem your SSD drive has. However, the basic price of our data recovery services starts from $200 and can go up to $1200. We provide you with different options: economy service, priority service, and emergency service. Depending upon the issue and how immediate you want services will fluctuate the price. Moreover, you also provide free assistance and quotes to understand your needs and requirements. Look at the below-mentioned table below to deeply understand our price structure of SSD data recovery services.


  • Economy service price
  • $200 to $850
  • Basic data backup service
  • Deleted files/reformatted
  • File system corruption
  • Unusual interface requiring an adaptor

Hardware Issues

  • Priority service price
  • $600 to $800
  • Power surge
  • Liquid damage
  • Broken connector
  • Firmware corruption

Special Case Lab

  • Emergency service price
  • $1200 to $1750
  • Faulty controller chip
  • Chip-off recovery method
  • Dead memory backup/chip
  • Fire and liquid damage

All our SSD data recovery services are GST inclusive. Moreover, we do not charge any hidden prices from our clients. All our prices are transparent, and we always ensure to offer the best and quality services to all our clients at the lowest prices. Our only aim is to retrieve your data back safely and professionally. Call us at +61-180-059-2260 to avail of our SSD recovery services.