Affordable And Guaranteed SD Card Data Recovery Australia

Have you just lost data from your SD card? Or has your memory card just kicked the bucket on you? Losing important data, documents, and files can cause an attack on anyone at any time. If you’re in the same boat, fret not, Alpha Data Recovery is here to help you recover almost 95% of data from your SD card. We’re a renowned and trusted SD Card Data Recovery Company in Australia. We know that nothing is more annoying than losing all your important data and files from an SD card or Memory card.

We know that anyone can lose data, images, videos, and other crucial files from their SD or Memory card accidentally. Alpha Data Recovery has a dedicated team of experts to help you retrieve all your lost data from your Memory card and SD card. Our experts use unique software and tools to salvage 95% of your data from SD Cards. If you aren’t able to get data from corrupted files, hesitate not to reach out to us to avail our best and guaranteed SD card data recovery and Memory card data recovery services.

Our SD Card Data Recovery Process

Are you wondering what procedure we follow to recover your data from an SD card? Alpha Data Recovery believes in keeping things simple and fast. We follow a simple three-step process to fully retrieve data from your SD or Memory Cards. Within 24 hours, we guarantee to fully recover your data from any corrupted or deleted data from SD cards. Here look at the process we follow to recover data from SD cards:

  • Step 1 - Detection and Diagnosis

    Our SD card data recovery process starts with the media, memory, or SD cards arriving at our office. A team of our professional technicians examine your Memory or SD cards to detect the problem and diagnose the solution. While diagnosing the problem, they provide you with an estimate of cost and tell you how much data they can retrieve from your device.

  • Step 2 - Recovery Of Data

    In the second step, we recover your data. Since we have specialists and experienced technicians, they ensure to recover 95% to 98% of your data using special tools and software. They also ensure that no further damage could happen to your data.

  • Step 3 - Delivery Of Data

    Once we’re done with retrieving all the data from SD cards or Memory cards, we finally deliver the data to the client. Basically, we make a file of retrieved data and send a mail for the same. Moreover, we can upload the data to any device or cloud storage you want.

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Why Hire Alpha Data Recovery?

Whether you want to recover deleted data, corrupted data, or lost data from SD Cards or Memory Cards, Alpha Data Recovery is the only SD card data recovery company in Australia that is dedicated to retrieving your lost and damaged data from your SD Cards. Since inception, we have been delivering top-notch quality data recovery services at pocket-friendly prices. We know how it feels when anyone loses important data, documents, and other crucial files. Check out the following valuable records to know why you should hire us:

  • Affordable and quality services
  • Use of latest tools and software
  • Experts and professional data recovery technicians
  • Verified and certified SD Card Data Recovery Company in Australia
  • 95% of data recovery service guarantee

How Much SD Card Data Recovery Will Cost?

How much does it cost to get SD Card Data Recovery services? The cost of our SD card data recovery services in Australia ranges from $ 250 to $300 maximum. However, the prices can also fluctuate based on the type of data recovery service you want.

To help you decide, we also provide you with a free quote estimate. We aim to offer you the best Sd card data recovery at affordable prices and prices you’re willing to pay. Look at the table mentioned below to get more insights on price details.


  • Economy Services Price Range
  • $250 - $400
  • Formatted files
  • Deleted files
  • Lost or missing files
  • Corrupted partition

Hardware Issues

  • Urgent Service Price Range
  • $300 - $650
  • Read errors
  • Damaged contacts/pins
  • Simple chip-off recovery case
  • Repairable PCB Case

Special Case Lab

  • Emergency Service Price Range
  • $800 - $1200
  • Failed controller
  • Card not detected
  • Custom solution creation
  • Card not detected

All our prices are tax and GST inclusive. So, give us a call at +61-480-020-996 to connect with us to get affordable SD card data recovery services in Australia.