Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy associated with is owned and operated by Alpha Data Recovery Services. This Privacy Policy will guide you on how Alpha Data Recovery collects, shares, and uses the personal information you provide us on our website. The information we collect from clients is restricted to the purpose of providing the services for which the clients have engaged with our services. Moreover, the Privacy Policy also lets you know about the choice of services available to you on our website. With our Policy Policy, you can better understand how to access and update the information.

At Alpha Data Recovery, we highly respect our clients’ privacy and the personal information we collect. We do not intend to share the personal information of any client with any third party thereby ensuring full data privacy and data security to them.

Here are a few points that better describe our use of Privacy Policy and why we collect personal information from clients.

Use Of Personal Information

Alpha Data Recovery collects basic information about clients for internal use. We do not collect phone numbers or addresses of any kind unless and until you call us to avail of our data recovery services. We ensure and maintain authenticity on our website. Anyway, here is the information we collect from you, which includes:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number (when you send us a request for data recovery services)
  • Credit card information to make payment

We always ensure to keep the information confidential and highly restricted to us.


At Alpha Data Recovery, we always ensure that we provide our clients with high security to keep their personal information confidential. We use advanced technology to keep the information secure. To ensure that the information is safe and 100% secure, we follow generally accepted standards. You can also contact us at if you have any doubts regarding our security.

Social Media Widgets

We also have social media widgets added to our website. These widgets include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These social media widgets may ask you for your IP address, the page you’re visiting on our website, and many more. These social media widgets are either operated by our in-house team or a third party.

Limitation Of Liability

Alpha Data Recovery isn’t liable for any claim pertaining to the physical functioning of the device or hard drive before, during, and after data recovery services. You need to know that Alpha Data Recovery can’t be held for any damage before we receive data from your media device. Moreover, we always ensure that your media files are safe and secure and for that purpose, we use advanced techniques and tools.

Cookie Collection

Alpha Data Recovery uses cookies to provide visitors with the best user experience. Cookies are basically small files that are stored on your computer. Cookies allow Alpha Data Recovery to identify and make difference with various users visiting the website. Let us tell you that cookies allow us limited access to files on your computers. Moreover, you can delete cookies at any time by consulting your web browser’s documentation.