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Are you struggling to restore your data from the hard drive, mobile phones, memory cards, or other devices? Alpha Data Recovery can help. We are a trusted and reliable data recovery company in Australia. Whether you lose data on a computer, hard drive, or your server, we have a 95% success rate in recovering data from all devices. We aim to help people get their important data back through our data recovery Australia experts.

No matter from which device you lost your data, we render the best data recovery solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements. Our well-skilled experts provide remote data recovery solutions at the convenience of your place. If you’re experiencing data loss, get in touch with the best data recovery services Australia.

We will diagnose the issue and come up with the best data recovery solutions for you! Reach out to a data recovery expert now!

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Our Range of
Data Recovery Solutions

We’re the top-notch data recovery company Australia with a proven track record of recovering data from any make, model, operating system, or device. With our experts, we’ve successfully recovered data for thousands of clients across Australia. We’re the best data recovery company based in Australia that has mastered data recovery skills and can handle all types of data loss.

Being a renowned data recovery company, we use advanced technology to recover data from all types of devices such as hard disk, SD Cards, hard drives, solid-state drives (SSD), RAID servers, flash drives, DVR, pen drives, and many other devices. Whether you’re a business or an individual, we provide data recovery services Australia to all. Here is a list of data recovery solutions we offer:

Encrypted Recovery

Encrypted data recovery aid you get your lost data back in a readable form. Being the best data recovery company in Australia, we prevent your confidential business data or individual data from unauthorized access. We return your encrypted files to you on secure transfer media.

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Hard Drive Recovery

To retrieve your lost data from a hard drive, you must avail of hard drive data recovery from our renowned experts. Hard drive recovery is the procedure to recover data and restore a hard drive to its previously known good configuration. We’re good at recovering data from water damaged, crashed, and physically burnt hard drives.

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RAID Data Recovery

It is the process of restoring data from a RAID storage architecture. We always try to keep your original data safe from experiencing further damage. In RAID, data can be lost for numerous reasons and is hard to recover. We provide you with the best solutions to recover your data.

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Data Recovery from USB & SD cards

If in any case, you lost data from USB & SD cards, we have solutions for you. We’ve years of experience in recovering data from all types of SD cards and flash memory types. We’re good at treating both logically and physically damaged devices.

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Laptop & Desktop Data Recovery

If you’re facing issues in restoring your data from laptop or desktop devices, we’re here to do the justice. We have experts who can help you retrieve lost data from physically damaged devices like laptops and desktops. Regardless of the type of desktop or laptop you own, we’re skilled at restoring data from any type of damaged device.

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Server Data Recovery

Servers are known to be larger storage systems that require immense work. If your data is lost from the server due to a technical glitch or any other issue, we have experts and engineers who will help you recover data by minimising downtime resulting from data loss.

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Data Recovery In 4 Easy Step

To understand how we at data recovery Australia recover lost data from any device, there are four steps involved in it. These steps include:


Free Consultation

The first step in the data recovery process is consultation. With this, we create a case profile to analyze the data you lost from the device. Once you get in touch with us, we will guide you through the process.

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We evaluate data by cross-checking all the internal and external components and offer you helpful assessments. Once we receive media devices, we provide all the information to our clients.

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We use advanced technology and equipment to recover all your lost data. We ensure to recover all the restricted and corrupted data from any type of device. Time restrictions can also be there depending upon the case type.

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Retrieve Data

After recovering the data successfully, we save the data to a USB hard drive. We also ensure to keep you up-to-date throughout the data recovery process.

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Why Choose Us For
Data Recovery Services?

If you’re looking out for genuine data recovery services Australia, look no further because we’re known to be an eminent data recovery company bringing out the best and most affordable solutions for all. We have an experienced team of professionals who can successfully recover up to 100% data with extreme safety and efficiency. Moreover, our experts have also performed data recovery or retrieval on fire and water-damaged cases, encrypted devices, as well as damaged media files.

Here are some best reasons that compel you to hire data recovery services Australia:

  • We’re a large data recovery company in Australia.
  • We provide 100% privacy & confidentiality in data recovery.
  • Our experts are honest, experienced, and professional in providing data recovery services.
  • Our services are the most affordable in the market
  • We’re a five-star rating data recovery Australia company on Google.
  • We use advanced tools to recover your data from any type of device.

Furthermore, our expertise lies in performing data recovery services on every type of device available in the market. No matter how hard it is to recover data from any device, we’re 100% smitten about our experts’ work. We understand and know how important your data is, thereby providing you with great and budget-friendly services to cater to all your needs. From us, you get the best data recovery Australia at an affordable price.


We at Alpha Data Recovery retrieve your lost data from any device in less time. Our professionals are good at managing time when retrieving data.


Our data recovery services are highly affordable and anyone can avail of them at a much reasonable price. Rather than hiring full-time and adding a burden to your expense, you can approach us.

Use Of Advanced Equipment

To retrieve lost data from devices, we use advanced tools and equipment that aid in keeping data secure from any further loss. With our advanced tools, we ensure that you get secured service for a long time.

Recover Any Data

The best thing about hiring our company is that we help clients retrieve any data from any device. Whether you want to recover data from desktop, laptop, mobile device, or any other device, we recover every type of data.

Why Do You Need Data Recovery Solutions?

Benefits of availing data recovery solutions from the best data recovery company:

In today’s technical-driven world, accidents happen on a daily basis. Data breaches, loss of data, and scams are unavoidable. It’s important for all of you to take regular data backups to avoid any mishappening. Believe it or not, data stored on any storage device is prone to damage due to technical glitches, mishandling, and many other reasons. A data loss can be catastrophic if it includes essential business or personal data. You can count on Alpha Data Recovery for instant data recovery services Australia.

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